Mondays, Wednesdays | 9:00 am to 3:30 pm | Ages 4-8

Bumblebees are the young, energetic, and quickly growing ones who spend their time expanding their knowledge of the outdoor world while having a lot of fun. Children will participate in a variety of activities and games, with a focus on exploration, experimentation, and inquiry.

The days are going to be filled with stories and songs which kindle their sense of wonder. Children practice cooperation, teamwork, as well as gross and fine motor skills as they play with loose parts in the natural environments. Children get plenty of opportunities to be physically active and learn to be a part of a community. A lot of learning takes place by understanding the environment exploring through their senses. Spending time in a beautiful cedar grove easily accessible to our base, children will get plenty of chances to build a relationship with the land and its beings.

With a high adult-to-child ratio, we can focus on finding the edge of every child and then gently extend it. Children build connections with nature through a set of core routines as well as tap onto their imaginations with free play. Mentors focus on building relationships to identify the areas of growth and development of the individual as well as the group.

“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore