“Our girls had a wonderful time at Scugog Nature School. Every week, they were bursting with things to share with us about what they’d been exploring. They particularly enjoyed all the science experiments, catching the animals, and all the den and see-saw building! And when we were out on hikes, they would often drop in bits of knowledge about the natural world around them, that they had picked up from you. I think what you’ve got going on there, not just with SNS, but also the whole Camp Scugog endeavour, is a wonderful thing.”

– Bumblebee Parent

“We attended three sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) of Little Sprouts. We had a great time every week. There was always fun activities including games, crafts, campfires, and nature walks. My daughter is sad it’s over and asks when we are going back. If I wasn’t going back to work, I’d be signing us up for another session in a second. Charlotte and Abhishek are so kind and compassionate with the kids while being very energetic and enthusiastic at the same time. They were fantastic.”

– Little Sprout Parent

“This is amazing! I am so proud of Sadie and Ben and must thank you all so much for such an awesome program and friendship!. They love it!”

– Bumblebee Parent

“Charlie had the best time this past 6 weeks!! Thank you for everything!”

– Minnow Parent

 “Marta had the most wonderful time at forest school! We’ve signed her up for winter at her absolute insistence!”😊 – Bumblebee Parent